Allison and Christian


Allison and my husband have known each other since high school and when my husband and I first started dating I was eager to meet her because he had always talked about what a great person she was. When I first met her we immediately hit it off and became friends. She is just an uplifting and inspiring person to be around altogether. You know those people you have in your life who you just truly enjoy being around because you know it will always be a good time and end up in great conversation… Well, she is one of them. Needless to say, we were very excited and happy for her when we found out she was getting married. I was even more excited about the wedding because I knew I could preserve her bouquet and I knew it would be beautiful. The wedding was gorgeous and so were the flowers, a simple yet elegant arrangement in shades of yellow. Yellow flowers do great in preservation, they don’t really change much from their original color. I couldn’t be happier with her final arrangement. It is just like her simple, elegant and beautiful. Somehow the arrangements I make for clients just seem to fit their personality and style.

Allison and Christian

I hope she loves it just as much as I do and will look at it many years down the road and always be reminded of her special day. No girl wants to see her wedding day come to an end and preserving your wedding bouquet allows you to have a part of that day forever.

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