Don’t Let The Memory Wilt

Why is that floral preservation of a wedding bouquet is always desired by the bride but very often overlooked?


Here’s what usually happens.. I get a phone call from the mother or family member of the bride days after the wedding who is scrambling trying to find someone who can preserve a wedding bouquet. Once I actually get the flowers they aren’t in the best shape anymore. I can usually save some of the flowers depending on their condition but they won’t look as beautiful as they could if I had gotten them the day after the wedding. Unfortunately, A bride doesn’t think about saving her bouquet until her actual wedding day when she sees it and falls in love with it and wants to be able to keep it forever and always have it to remind her of her special day. There are so many decisions to be made when planning a wedding that are necessary to decide before the wedding day and preserving the bouquet just isn’t one of them. Don’t let this happen to you. Make sure you consider every single detail of your wedding beforehand and save every keepsake that you can. Your wedding day will go by faster than you can imagine and then when it’s over the only thing you are left with to remember it by are the photographs and maybe a video if you had one done. I can’t tell you how many times I show someone what I do and they always say they wish they had preserved their bouquet and had a keepsake like this to remember their special day.

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