Tis the season to preserve


The sun is shining and the flowers are all blooming, love and weddings are in the air. May is the most popular month to get married and I can understand why people plan to get married in the spring. Who doesn’t want to get married when the weather is beautiful and there are gorgeous flowers in bloom?!

I see alot of roses and white and pink flowers this time of year. Sometimes spring bouquets preserve beautifully but other times they don’t. The truth is that not all flowers preserve well. My last arrangement turned out beautiful but I wasn’t able to use all of the flowers from her bouquet. When you have a flower with very thin petals there is just no way it will make it through the preservation process. It sadly falls apart when it comes out. But don’t let that disocurage you for still having a beautiful arrangement! As you can see, this bride’s arrangement turned out breathtaking even though not all of the flowers were used. No matter what you bring me or what condition the flowers may be in, I will most likely still be able to create something wonderful and meaningful for you!




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