A Texas Bouquet


This Bouquet came all the way from Texas! My husband’s close friend got married in Texas and he brought me home the bride’s bouquet… Not an easy task my friend! Not only did he have to carry this fragile bouquet in a box on an airplane and ensure it’s safety, He was also questioned through security for holding a random box and he was insisting that the TSA be very careful when checking it! You can imagine the hassle and concerned looks he recieved while holding a suspicious box in an airport! All in all it arrived back to Richmond, VA in pretty good shape! Good work, Mike!

This bouquet was so special to the bride that she even had a tattoo created to resemble the flowers from it! She was nice enough to share a picture of the tattoo with me. And now she can keep her flowers in this beautiful arrangement forever too!
Hannah Howard's Bouquet




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