I made an arrangement for Alexandra last year when her father passed with the flowers from his funeral and I was so excited when I ran into her at the Richmond Weddings Expo at the downtown Richmond Mariott this past January to find out she was getting married! How wonderful that I could preserve her wedding bouquet too for her!

Both arrangements are amazing sentimental keepsakes that she will cherish forever and I am so happy to make arrangement for clients multiple times and create these relationships with people and make new friends. My son Jack simply adores Alexandra and loves it when she comes over!

Something unique about her arrangement is that is still has a faint floral aroma..The greenery had such a beautiful smell and it stayed ever so faintly even after preservation! This was a first for me as the flowers usually loose their smell completely after being preserved and dried.

Alexandra’s bouquet was created by the talented Erica Hutchinson with Black Creek Flowers and Sweets!

IMG_5030 IMG_5742 IMG_5737


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