Helpful Tips for Brides

Delegate someone to be in charge of your bouquet after the wedding. IMG_4199Make sure they put your bouquet in a vase or glass with water during your reception. Wedding Planners are great for this task, or if you do not have one then a friend or family member. You do not want your bouquet to lay on a table if possible, this can cause them to get smashed and wilt faster.

After the wedding: Cut the stems on the bouquet about 1 inch and place in water for overnight or however long it takes you to get them to me.

Get your flowers to me as soon as possible after the wedding. I am always available to take in flowers on the weekends or during the weekdays. Please call first to make arrangements.

Do not throw your bridal bouquet, make a separate bouquet to toss during the reception.


One thought on “Helpful Tips for Brides

  1. Hello,

    I would like for my bouquet to be preserved with the wedding invite. My wedding is 4/22/17. Wedding is in short pump

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